There was an accident somewhere around the 425 km of the Polish A2 motorway. And it wouldn’t be anything surprising (accidents happen) if it wasn’t caused by a dog. Yes, a loose dog. On a highway.

An unaware dog makes a car flip over; note: it's a stock photo

An unaware dog makes a car flip over; note: it’s a stock photo

The moment was registered by one of the drivers engaged in the accident. You can see two dogs there: one strolling on the green lane and the other on the road. There is also a car parked near them that disappears with the dogs the minute the accident takes place.

Most of the drivers noticed the dog running just at the right time, early enough to slow down avoiding a crash. One driver seemed not to have noticed the danger and drove into a car slowing down just before him. The collision happened at full speed and made the car jump over the preceding one and turn a somersault.

The driver in the first car was ok, he stopped and ran to check on the other driver. It was him who called an ambulance because the other man needed help. Others stopped as well and the lane was blocked for some time.

Officer Agnieszka Ciereszko of the Police Department in Żyrardów said that the eyewitnesses were unanimous: the driver of the car parked on the green lane let his dogs out for a while in the middle of the motorway. One of the dogs suddenly started running on the lane leading towards Warsaw. Two vehicles passed by safely, then one breaked quite rapidly and another drove into it, probably not seeing the first one slowing down. The car turned a somersault and stopped few metres farther. The man responsible for the accident drove off with his dogs immediately.

Police appeal

The dogs’ owner identity has not been established yet, he was, however, found guilty of this accident. A TVN24 reporter, Ewa Paluszkiewicz, established that the 43-year-old man (driver of the flipped car) left the hospital after two days. He suffered a head injury that wasn’t, however, life-threatening. He has already been interrogated by the police.

“In theory, the fine for the dogs’ owner could amount to couple hundreds zloty but the police announced they are going to commit the offender to court, which means the fine rising up to couple thousands”, added Paluszkiewicz.

If you happen to notice a car from the video, the driver or the dogs, please report it to the nearest police department or call the department in Żyrardów directly. You can watch the video here.


One of the comments to the TVN24 article about the accident states that today there were dogs seen on the A4 motorwaytowards Rzeszów. So beware and be safe!


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