Łukasz Byśkiniewicz is a reporter of TVN Turbo, a TV station for motorisation fans. He also takes part in many rallies and races. Łukasz explaines how to behave in case of a collision.

Some of the cars were completely destroyed

If you hit the back of a truck, it is difficult to keep cool, but you need to look in the mirror to see if other cars are going to hit you. If not, and we must be sure of it, we can get out of the car and hide behind the rail, says Łukasz Byśkiniewicz.

64 cars collided in two major accidents on Thursday near Piotrkow Trybunalski. Both occurred in the same place, on A1 motorway. Police infromed that dozens of people are injured, six in a very bad condition. One of the cars burst into flames, many passangers were trapped in crushed vehicles.

It started at 8:45 from the accident of two trucks driving in the direction of Łódź.

If we are sure that it is safe, we should escape from the car and hide behind the rail, he explained. He added that the best idea is to run to the fields that usually surround the motorways and wait.

When asked about whether we should turn off the battery, he says we wouldn’t have time to do it. Only rally cars have a switch near the wheel that turns off the power supply in order to prevent fire.

He says it is hard to estimate how fast the trucks were going.

It’s easier to determine the speed when it comes to cars. A truck, which weighs 40 tons, does not need high speed to smash a sedan into a metal box, says Byśkiniewicz.

According to Łukasz, the weather conditions were difficult due to reduced visibility and slippery road.

I’m sure they all drove carefully, slowly, observing the road, firmly holding the wheel. It’s very stressful to drive in the fog. We follow our senses – it is difficult to judge how fast we go. When the fog is very dense, our labyrinthus goes crazy and does not know how fast we are going. Of course, we have a counter, but sometimes we get distracted.

Every driver should be very careful. However, a truck driver should be even more aware of the difficult conditions. Braking distance of a truck is much longer. In case of an accident, a truck has a much greater explosive power. A truck driver should be aware of that and slow down in the fog. In my opinion, if there had been no trucks in the accidents, only cars, the vehicles would have been damaged only a little, says Łukasz.

Polish drivers should also be careful about keeping the proper distance from the car in front of them. Tailgating is often the cause of collisions. At high speed it is especially important, bacause of the long braking distance.


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