Preparations for the annual Arabian Horse Days in Janów Podlaski have already begun. The famous auction is planned for August 14th and 15th.

Janów Podlaski is famous for thoroughbred Arabian horses

Janów Podlaski is famous for thoroughbred Arabian horses

This year’s horse catalogue was published on a day that happens to be the day of Charlie Watts’s (of The Rolling Stones) 75th birthday. We would like to wish him all the best and invite him and his wife to celebrate Arabian Horse Days and participate in the annual auction – said Karol Tylenda, the vice-president of Agencja Nieruchomości Rolnych (Agricultural Property Agency).

We are expecting many people from all over the world, including the Chinese who are going to visit our stud farm for the very first time – added the Agency’s spokesman, Witold Strobel – We presented the catalogue with horses that were picked up for the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions, scheduled for August, 14th and 15th respectively.

To reach the people

In June the catalogue will be presented during the Arabian Horse Show in Menton near Paris. The information concerning the auction in Janów Podlaski will also appear on the cover of Tutto Arabi magazine. Apart from that, the catalogue has already been sent to US horse breeders.

The Poznań International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie) and the Agricultural Property Agency are the main organisers of the auctions and, according to the latest updates, everything is going smoothly.

The Chinese are visiting

Many people have already shown their interest in the auction. Representatives and agents of possible buyers from all over the world have been visiting Janów Podlaski to see the horses with their own eyes, so Strobel. For the first time ever Chinese buyers are expected to attend the summer show.

56 horses are going to be presented during the auctions in August. Most of them are from Janów Podlaski, others will come from Michałów, Białka and private farms. According to Tylenda, there will be two or three special horses and even a star-horse but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise by giving more details.

Shirley Watts

The stud farm in Janów has been experiencing a constant popularity for many years now and the thoroughbred horses are found exquisite worldwide. Unfortunately, this year has been harsh to the farm. In March two mares died there: Preria and Amra. They belonged to Halsdon Arabians farm run by Shirley Watts who has been attending the auctions in Janów Podlaski regularly. The alleged death cause was volvulus (bowel malrotation).

The farm’s management was dismissed because of a suspicion that an oversight or some improper behaviour might have contributed to the horses’ health. Horse breeders from all over the world were shocked and outraged. The investigation has been held by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office (Prokuratura Okręgowa) in Lublin.

Personal invitations have already been sent to all befriended horse breeders, including Shirley Watts and her husband Charlie. It is, however, not known how many of them will arrive there in person.


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