TVN24BiS published a brief comparison of income and expenses of a regular inhabitant of the Polish capital. The result: earn like a Moscower, pay like a Berliner – Warsaw as one of the most expensive European capitals.

Is life in Warsaw really so expensive?

Is life in Warsaw really so expensive?

Warsaw stands out in sharp relief against other Central European cities when it comes to people working overtime to afford their living. According to Puls Biznesu, renting a flat in Warsaw means saying goodbye to more than half of your salary*.


The latest study conducted by a Swiss global financial services company – UBS, shows that the avarage rent in Warsaw stands at 630 USD per month. It may look relatively little when comparing Warsaw to London (England) – 2360 USD, or Oslo (Norway) – 1940 USD, but the numbers are getting closer to rentals in Berlin (Germany) – 690 USD, or Budapest (Hungary) – 640 USD, and rank the Polish capital as more expensive than Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia) or Vilnius (Lithuania).


On the other hand, the avarage net pay per hour was estimated at 5.70 USD, which places Warsaw next to Moscow (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia) or Vilnius (Lithuania). A bit later in this list come Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

„Thanks to this study we know now that Warsaw is one of the most expensive European capitals to live. We can also easily esimate how long European fellows from different capitals have to work to afford their rents,” so a real estate market expert. „When we consider Warsaw, it’s about 110 hours of work.”

For current detailed cost of living in Warsaw visit Numbeo.

*taking into consideration the avarage rent and salary estimated for Warsaw


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