As per 6am tomorrow the toll rates on the A2 autostrada between Nowy Tomyśl and Konin, Wielkopolskie voivodship, will change.

Poland A2 autostrada Konin Nowy Tomyśl

Polish motorways are not the cheapest

Motorcycles and cars will have to pay 54 zł – 3 zł more than before.

A similar raise, also by 3 zł, took place in January 2015. Currently, for a 149km drive between Nowy Tomyśl and Konin a driver of a passenger car pays 51 zł – 17 zł per each of the three toll sections. On Tuesday, the toll rates for oversized vehicles will also increase.

Why the raise?

A spokeswoman for the company Autostrada Wielkopolska (AWSA) Zofia Kwiatkowska said that changes in the toll rates were due to, among others, the repayment of the debt incurred for the construction of the autostrada, planned investments and maintenance costs.

Among the investments planned for the stretch of the A2 between Konin and Nowy Tomyśl there are, inter alia, a reconstruction of the radio system worth approx. 10 million zł and preparatory works for the planned widening of the third lane near Poznań between Komorniki and Krzesiny.

Financial plan

According to the company, the higher toll rates are the result of the adopted with the government and the banks financing plan for this project until 2037.

The A2 autostrada can take you from Warsaw, through Łódź and Poznań and to the German border. It’s the fastest way to get from the Polish capital to the German one.


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