German speakers are in demand these days, and recruiters do whatever they can to lure them to work.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch blackboard

If you speak German, you’re almost sure to get a job

Recruitment agencies stand on their heads to find job candidates speaking fluent German before the competition does it, especially those with economic education or experience in finance or accounting, according to “Puls Biznesu”.

Although German is the second most popular choice in Poland, after English, to study as a foreign language, it is not sufficient to meet the needs of the labour market.

Among the graduates of language studies German speakers represent approx. 14 per cent. However, almost one third of them do not associate their future with business or finance. Many of them decide to work abroad.

For this reason German speakers can often count on better working conditions; to lure the best candidates, companies often raise salaries and offer attractive work benefits, such as additional medical insurance or gym membership.

Will this current situation encourage young people to study German? It is hard to predict. For many Polish people German language is still associated with the times of WWII when it was obligatory, and many consider it an ugly language. However, they younger generations might have better associations.


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