According to a survey by Kantar Millward Brown SA for Fakty TVN, nearly half of Poles believe that the planned reform of the judiciary is aimed at subordinating the courts to the ruling party.


Justice for all?

The survey, commissioned by Kantar Millward Brown SA on behalf of TVN and TVN24, was carried out on April 24th and 25th on a nationwide representative sample of 1001 18-plus-year-olds. They were asked if they think the judiciary reforms serve to subordinate the courts to the ruling party, or to reform the judiciary and improve their work.

According to 49% of respondents, the changes in the judiciary serve primarily to subordinate the judiciary to the ruling party. 28% of them believe, however, that the reforms will improve the work of Polish courts. 23% of respondents have no opinion on the subject.

The results of the survey were commented by Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Nowoczesna party.

All these three laws (by PiS on the reform of the judiciary), in full set, give full control over the judicial power to Law and Justice (PiS). So we are dealing with politicisation of the judiciary. So we have a situation in which politicians will serve judgments. In a situation where we have politicised the judiciary, it is quite clear that Poles are no longer equal before the law – says the deputy.

The reform of the judiciary that the government wants to carry out, despite the unfavourable poll results, is still supported by Ryszard Czarnecki from PiS.

If I asked the Poles whether the courts in Poland are working well, efficiently, quickly, then I think that 80 or 90 percent of Poles would have said no. And this reform, which is carried out by the Government of the Republic of Poland and piloted by the Minister of Justice, is aimed at ensuring that Poles feel that the courts act quickly and well – Czarnecki says.


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