Three big tanks filled with petrol burnt down last Saturday night in Ławy near Ostrołęka, Mazowieckie voivodship.

Firemen fought fire for 3 hours

Firemen fought fire for 3 hours

19 fire squads from Ostrołęka, Ostrów Mazowiecka and Maków Mazowiecki were trying to put out the huge and intense fire.

According to, the fire started at about 10pm in a petrol distribution base at Składowa street in Ławy near Ostrołęka. The first tank that caught fire was filled up with about 3,000 litres of petrol. High temperature melted the fuel tank and the liquids ran off. The fire then spread onto other two tanks immediately. Fortunately, these two were empty. The fire brigades were doing their best for three hours not to let other tanks catch fire.

Assistant Police Commissioner Sylwester Marczak, the press officer of the police in Ostrołęka announced that the procedures necessary to find the cause of this accident have already been taken up. The Voivodship Headquarters of National Fire Department in Warsaw are also assisting in the proceedings.

The former information about a gas leak and following explosions was denied. The fire affected only the petrol tanks and they burnt down completely.

Massive clouds of smoke covered the sky for several hours and multiple explosions could be heard even from a distance. Presumably they were coming from breaking tyres. The fire consumed three tanks and part of the green area nearby. Nobody was hurt and there was no need for a preventive evacuation.


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