The whole story seems unreal and quite funny, but not to Mr. Marek Przybysz from Kołobrzeg who was declared dead after his brother mistakenly identified a body as that of Marek.

Mr. Przybysz with his death certificate

Mr. Przybysz with his death certificate

On Febraury 2nd a man died in a grocery store. Someone told the police that he might have been Mr. Przybysz. He was more or less the same age, looked alike, and he did not have any identity documents on him.

The police called Marek’s brother to identify the body. Although the brothers were long estranged, Marek’s brother identified the body with certainty, and a death certificate was issued.

I found out I was dead by chance – says Mr. Przybysz – shortly before the funeral I met my son, whom I haven’t seen for 16 years, he doesn’t live here. He said ‘I came to bury you, and you’re strolling around at a train station!’

Legally Marek Przybysz is now a deceased person. His brother’s mistake has its consequences. Marek’s bank account was blocked, his identity documents expired, and he now has no health insurance.

Mr. Marek Przybysz is a legally deceased person and as long as this condition is not regulated, so he will remain – says Elżbieta Ulrich, the Head of the Registry Office in Kołobrzeg.

A court decision annulling Marek’s death has been made, but as yet it is not in force. Unfortunately, it means he has to wait another couple of weeks.

It’s sad. I myself am aware that if some things had not occurred, this here would be my grave – says Marek, pointing to the grave of the dead man.

His real family buried him under the right name in the end.


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