As of this week in Gdańsk, fans of winter walks and birds are able to feed ducks using distributors of bird food called “kaczkomaty” (a portmanteau from the words “kaczka” – duck and “automaty” – machines).

Simple ‘kaczkomat’ in Gdańsk

Kaczkomaty are wooden distributors with small packages of special food for water birds available for free at 17 water reservoirs in Gdańsk. Distributors are also equipped with information boards to spread awareness about the fact that bread is bad for birds’ health.
In Gdynia, bags with bird food can be picked up, also for free, at the Department of Environment of the City.

Regular feeding with bread is harmful to their health. Through this project, habitants of Gdańsk will have the opportunity to feed water birds with high quality bird food. – informs Roads and Greenery Authority in Gdańsk.

Unfortunately, bread is extremely unhealthy for birds and left in water, it rots and causes excessive bloom of algae. Algae absorb oxygen and secrete toxins that act adversely to the fish. Rotting bread is also a habitat of mould, which releases toxins harmful to aquatic birds.

What else can they eat?

Birds should be fed by us regularly but only when the temperature drops below zero. When we start feeding them, we should not suddenly abandon them as birds get used to getting food from us, and wait for it every day in the same place. Lack of a new portion may have a tragic result for them. Bird food has to be natural and fresh, for example: sunflower seeds, wheat, groats (except buckwheat), ground corn or a special granulate for birds.

They cannot eat our food

Do not feed birds with your leftovers! Bread, salty and spicy meals are very harmful to them. We damage their digestive tract also by giving them mouldy, rotten, wet or frozen food. Bird food should be given in small portions as uneaten leftovers will rot and become a habitat of bacteria.


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