the "new" Nieboczowy village

the “new” Nieboczowy village

One huge construction site – this is how the Nieboczowy village in the municipality of Lubomia in Silesia looks today. There is ongoing work to move the whole village, because in the place where it is located there will be a huge water reservoir.

Nieboczowy is a place where residents have been hearing they would have to move out for twelve years. The village, always threatened by floods, became less attractive to invest in, stopped developing and thus more and more families began looking for new homes.

In the last two years, from 550 people, only 200 remained in the “old” Nieboczowy. The rest have moved out, not believing that the new village would ever be constructed. However, at the moment in the new village there are already more than 40 houses, sewage system, electricity and roads.

Those residents who decided to move to the “new” Nieboczowy and did not want to break with their traditions, put a condition: the village church and cemetery have to be moved as well. Except the church and the cemetery, the new village will also have a fire station, a market, a sports field and a park.

A few of the villagers have already moved and seem very happy in the new place. The rest have time till the end of next year.
When all the residents will have moved to their new homes, the old village, flooded several times in the past, will be razed to the ground, and become a reservoir to provide safety for thousands of other people in case a new flood comes.

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