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Leszek Balcerowicz has advised, that Greece stop delaying and get on with reforms. He also says that due to the current Greek situation, Poland is not keen to join the Eurozone.

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Leszek Balcerowicz talks to DW

He’s the former head of the Polish National Bank, former deputy prime minister, and now a lecturer at the Warsaw school of economics. He’s been called the “Father of Poland’s economic success”.

He famously implemented the shock therapy plan of the 1990s, known as the Balcerowicz Plan, transforming Poland from communism to capitalism.

In a video interview with Deutsche Welle, he talks of the present Polish sentiment.

You can understand there is not much enthusiasm to enter the Eurozone in Poland now, given what is happening, all this drama related to Greece.

He went on to urge Greece to do what Poland did, and hurry up with reforms if they want to reduce debt.

In Poland in ’89, we inherited a much worse situation than Greece in 2010, but we did not hesitate with a radical fiscal consolidation, and radical structure reforms, because we knew, this is what Poland needs to get out of the crisis and to grow. And only because we wanted to introduce radical reforms, and we did it, we got some debt reduction. So the best strategy is not to delay the solutions to the problems.

The full video can be seen here on the DW site, in English.

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