The men were aggressive, insulted the staff of one of the hotels in Giżycko (Masuria), and when the police arrived they started a fight. The troublemakers turned out to be Polish Army officers, who threatened the police officers, insulted them and finally beat them.

Insubordinate officers were soon expelled from the service

Insubordinate officers were soon expelled from the service

The prosecutor’s office in Olsztyn and the military police are handling the case. The General Commander of the Armed Forces in Poland decided that the officers will be expelled from the service.

The fight took place on Thursday night at a hotel in Giżycko. The first information that several officers of the 15th Mechanised Brigade in Giżycko supposedly had beaten several police officers appeared early in the morning. The police confirmed that on Thursday around 11.00 pm they arrested three men aged 39-41 who attacked police officers. The investigation proved the suspects were Polish Army officers.

Fuss at the hotel

A police dispatcher received a notification from one of the hotel employees who claimed that some men were offending the hotel staff and were generally disruptive. Two police patrols were sent there, two policemen each, and they found three drunken men. According to Krzysztof Wasyńczuk of the press office of the regional police headquarters in Olsztyn, they would not listen to and attacked the policemen. The police have already secured monitoring tapes from the hotel.

As reported by the police press office, three police officers were taken to hospital with severe injuries: damaged spleen, broken ribs and arms. One of the officers is still in hospital, the other two were discharged.

Investigators said the army officers had supposedly threatened the police officers with death. The detained soldiers will answer several charges, including not respecting bodily integrity of a public official, insulting and assaulting a police officer. It is heavily stressed that the army officers were staying at the hotel for private arrangements and the incident was not related to their official duties.

The officers in custody

The case is handled by both the District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn and the military police.

The spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Military Police, Lt Col Paweł Durka confirmed that three army officers of the 15th Mechanised Brigade in Giżycko were detained. The military police undertook appropriate steps to solve the case.

At the moment we do not provide any details concerning this case. I can only confirm that they are experienced soldiers, – said Durka.

Expelled from the service

It is already known that, by the decision of the General Commander of the Armed Forces in Poland, the insubordinate officers will be dismissed from the service. Such a procedure has already been initiated on the General Commander’s request.

The three aggressive soldiers are the most important officers of the 15th Mechanised Zawisza Czarny Brigade in Giżycko: Deputy Commander Colonel Piotr B., Commander Lieutenant Arkadiusz K. and Major Robert J.


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