Surgical instruments turn into musical ones, and the emergency ward into sharp tones. Teams of doctors in Poland decide to appear on stage and heal their patients using a slightly different remedy – live music.

Kardioband on stage

Kardioband on stage

Ten music groups of doctors and one choir of medics have performed live on stage within the framework of the campaign “Ton(e)s of Health” (Polish: “Tony Zdrowia“) in Opole.

Unusual remedy

Patients seem to appreciate such form of incentive.

They certainly do heal with music, – says one of the patients.

Musicians themselves are convinced their music can heal people as well, if not physically, then at least spiritually.

Whatever ails you, music will make you feel better, – claims Mateusz Tucci, a member of the band “Second Opinion” from Chicago.

Apart from this one band, some other groups with equally peculiar names performed at the concert, including “Kardioband” (English: Cardioband), “Reanimators” (English: Resuscitators), or “The Doctors” (no English translation needed).

The bands perform on a regular basis in hospitals, nursing homes or at events that promote fight against various diseases and health prophylaxis.

Music attracts people like magnet

It is not only music that they are sharing with audiences. Before such performances, it is obligatory to participate in a prophylactic lecture, like “How to avoid a heart attack”. Then guests are admitted to concerts.

The music works here as a magnet and it attracts people, – explains Marek Kania, a cardiologist, a member of the “Kardioband” and one of the organisers of this fascinating social campaign “Ton(e)s of Health”.

One of the propagators of this recurring event is Polish famous musician (educated neurologist) – Kuba Sienkiewicz of Elektryczne Gitary, who performs as a guest during some of the happenings.


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