A charity foundation Promyk in Suwałki, providing food to the poorest families has been robbed. The thieves have taken everything: canned goods, pasta, grits, sugar – a total of 175 kilograms of food. What is now left are tears and desperation, because it’s the middle of winter and people knock on the foundation door asking for help.

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Stealing from a charity? Only in Poland

Last weekend the perpetrators broke a lock on the door to the basement where the food was stored. They stole cheese, cereal and canned goods – a total of over 175 kilograms of food.

Maria Sienkiewicz of the Promyk Foundation is shocked.

My eyes welled with tears when I imagined the situation that I would be forced to tell people that they would not receive any food – she said.

Dozens of people get help from the Foundation – the sick and the unemployed. Among the beneficiaries of the organisation are also large families.

I was devastated because I’ve been using the help of the Foundation for many years and now I do not know what will happen next – said Krystyna Rakowska.

Almost all the food that the woman has in her kitchen comes from the Foundation.

I cannot afford to buy food because I am sick – she admitted.

The police ask not to buy specially marked products

The Foundation has been helping the poor for five years. They receive food from the Food Bank. All the products are specially labeled.

We ask not to buy food with Food Bank labels, it is not intended to be sold, and we ask for help anyone who may know something about this theft – said officer Eliza Sawko with the Suwałki police.

Maria Sienkiewicz has decided to suspend the activities of the Foundation. She admits that a basement storage in a block of flats is not the best place to store food, but she says she did not have another place to store the goods. She will return to her charity activities when she manages to acquire better premises. There has already been an offer from the city council.


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