A cyclist from Wrocław heard a cry for help. It turned out that two girls snatched the bag of another who was passing by. Michał followed them in pursuit without hesitation.

cyclist on a bridge

Polish law allows people to catch criminals red-handed

After a daring action recorded by a webcam on his steering wheel, he managed to stop them. Both young women were handed over to the police.

On Tuesday morning, Michał was going to school. It was around 7am, when he heard screams coming from behind a tunnel and a call for help. It turned out that two girls approached a high school girl passing next to the main building of the university, and snatched her purse.

I was immediately reminded of the news I’d heard that someone was attacking women. That’s why I didn’t think much, I acted impulsively – says Michał.

While Michał was chasing the two women, the attacked 17-year-old girl called the police. He managed to catch the girls on the University Bridge. On the recording, you can see how one of them suddenly falls over. It looks as if she was rammed by the bike.

I didn’t hit her. With one outstretched hand I wanted to catch the one who was holding the purse. At the same time I had to jump off the bike, because I wanted to hold the bag, so as not to let the secong girl run away with it – reports Michał. And he adds that the girls still tried to run away. – They were squirming, threatening. One of them tried to escape, both resisted. At the sight of a police car they tried to escape again.

The police confirm: two girls were detained.

The evidence collected by the police allowed to present the girls with charges of robbery. They face up to 12 years in prison – says officer Łukasz Dutkowiak of Dolnośląska police. And he adds that every person in a similar situation can make a civil pursuit. – However, we should think first and foremost of our own safety.

The cyclist says he does not feel like a hero.

For me it’s normal, I’d do it again if it were needed – he says.

It turns out that this is not the first time that Michał rescued a person in need. He admits that some time ago and he and his friend helped a would-be suicide who wanted to jump off a bridge.


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