The best way to stay in touch using a mobile phone in Poland, is by getting a Polish prepaid SIM card or a Polish mobile phone contract.

How do I get a Polish prepaid mobile card?

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The Polish prepaid mobile card is a Pay-as-you-go SIM card that you can get at nearly any kiosk, supermarket, petrol station and small shop for only a few PLN.

Usually, it is easy to switch a polish SIM card into your mobile phone. For people outside of Europe, the first rule is that your mobile phone must be GSM-network compatible and unlocked, if you intend on visiting a country that uses GSM, such as Poland.

Companies and Contacts
Provider English Website Information English Customer Portal Apps1 English Phone Support
Orange No No Yes No
T-Mobile Yes No Yes2 Yes
Heyah Yes No Yes2 No
Plus No No Yes No
Play Yes No Yes No
Rates and Examples based on sample 50zł topup
Provider Data Validity Comments
Orange 2.27GB 90 days can be extended to 1 year by sending START to 8002
T-Mobile 2.27GB 90 days
Heyah 2.27GB 100 days top up your account every month with 50PLN by activating code *100*50#
Plus 4.1GB 100 days announcements in English at *105*20#
Play 1GB 100 days customer service at *500

1 Apps – Provider App to check your account balance, Polish language
2 these Apps are only available for Android

Every Provider offers several sorts of packages depending on the customers’ requirements.The easiest way to choose the best tariff is to look at the provider websites, call them up, or ideally, visit one of their sales points where you will often find an English speaker.

Be aware that your credit balance on a Polish prepaid card is usually valid only for a thirty-day period without topping up. The prepaid card itself will expire after a year if no credits added. To check your account balance, activate packages or change a tariff you are free to use the Providers Apps or SMS Codes.

How do I get a prepaid micro-SIM card?

Be certain to understand which size of SIM card your mobile phone requires. Some, such as iPhone (pre-5), Smartphone or iPad only accept micro-SIM cards.To get a micro-SIM card, buy a regular one and press the micro chip out.

How do I get a prepaid nano-SIM card?

iPhone 5s and iPad Minis use nano-SIM cards. Unfortunately, these are only available at Provider Sales Shops.

How do I get a Polish mobile phone contract?

In order to subscribe to a mobile phone contract in Poland you need to visit one of the operator showrooms or shops and submit the following.

Documents required:

  • passport or identity card
  • residence registration document (including name, address, and date of birth)
  • address for correspondence in Poland

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