It’s the first of its kind in Poland – come, pay, safety goggles, smash everything to pieces, feel good.

What the **** is 'PC Load Letter'

What the **** is “PC Load Letter”

Lawyers and doctors come here, or … the bride and groom before their approaching wedding day. The “fury room” is just like a normal living room – a television set, a computer, a few pieces of furniture. The difference is that everything can be completely destroyed – to get rid of bad emotions. Does it actually work?

This is a one of a kind place in Poland. Before entering you must put on a helmet, protective clothing and goggles. Then you can use a baseball bat or a hammer and utterly destroy everything that is located in a specially prepared room. Before the customer enters it, the “fury room” looks no different from a “normal” room. On the table there are plates and glasses, a TV against the wall, a computer on the desk.

After a half-hour session, during which you can destroy with impunity whatever you like, the room resembles a battlefield. Piotr Borowski, a TVN24 reporter visited the site a minute after an engaged couple left.

Shambles. It is hard to believe that such havoc can be wrought in only half an hour – says the journalist.

Safety valve

Everyone sometimes wants to simply smash everything to smithereens. It inhibits us to think about the consequences. We do not have any – says Zdzisław Hoffman, the owner of the “fury room”.

The carefree demolition costs 150 złoty.

After every visit we must not only clean the room, but replace the destroyed equipment – explains Mr Hoffman.

Destroy whatever you want

On special request, during your demolition, your favourite music may accompany you. In addition, a selected despised object may be placed for you in the room to be destroyed and forgotten.

People often inquire whether the “fury room” really exists and whether they can actually destroy what they want. After the initial shyness the fun of destruction begins. It’s the perfect detox for a tired psyche – says Zdzisław Hoffman.

The “fury room” in Łódź is the first of its kind in Poland. We checked, and at the moment they cannot cater to English speakers, but that could change very soon.

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