15 children with symptoms of smoke poisoning have been transported to hospital after smoke appeared in their rooms in a hotel in Barszczewo, Podlaskie.

fire fighter

An eventful holiday

As reported by the local fire department, the initial reason for the fire was a leak of the chimney, where soot caught fire.

The fire brigade received a notification on Wednesday at 23.39.

There was smoke due to the leak of the chimney, where soot burnt. Smoke appeared in the rooms on the first and second floor – informs officer Paweł Ostrowski, of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Białystok.

As the firefighter added, 66 children aged 12-13 and seven carers were evacuated to the lobby on the ground floor.

15 children and two caretakers went to hospital for observation with suspected poisoning – said officer Marcin Janowski from Białystok Fire Department.

Other people, after the action of the fire fighters ended, returned to their rooms. There were nine fire brigades on the spot.


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