There are 19 Polish companies in the latest 16th edition of Deloitte’s report on fastest growing innovative technology companies in Central Europe called Technology Fast 50.

The winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranking is a Czech software company Simplity. Second place went to the Polish company SkyCash Poland enabling mobile payments, among others, for means of public transport, bills and car parks. Third place went to the company from Hungary. The top ten companies are ranked as follows, among them two more Polish:

  1. Simplity s.r.o. • the Czech Republic • software • founded 2010
  2. SkyCash Poland S.A. • Poland • media • founded 2010
  3. Kft. • Hungary • media • founded 2008
  4. BSP Applications, spol. s.r.o. • Slovakia • software • founded 1996
  5. Netguru Sp. z o.o. • Poland • software • founded 2008
  6. ZebraPay SRL • Romania • media • founded 2009
  7. High Tech Engineering Center d.o.o. Beograd • Serbia • software • founded 2008
  8. ITNT • Romania • software • founded 2003
  9. Serengeti d.o.o. • Croatia • software • founded 2007
  10. Traffic Trends Sp. z o.o. • Poland • media • founded 2010

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Polish companies are rising stars in modern technology

Twelve Polish companies are listed in the main category of the report, and seven – in the Rising Stars subcategory. The 12 companies classified in the main category are: SkyCash Poland, Netguru, trafficTrends, ITMagination, 11 bit studios, Professional Services,, i-Systems, Vercom, GetResponse, InPhoTech and CDRiA Pipeline Services.

Polish companies also dominated the Rising Stars category, among them: CodeWise, CodiLime, Droids On Roids, Creotech Instruments, Cloud Technologies, Currency One and Concepto. The latest list of Rising Stars shows that currently the fastest growing companies implementing software innovations use Big Data analysis and capabilities of mobile devices.

Developing innovative solutions using new technologies can be a recipe for rapid growth – commented Magdalena Burnat-Mikosz, managing partner of Innovation Consulting and R & D and Government Incentives teams at Deloitte.

The ranking covers 9 central European countries: Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

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