Doctors from Brzeziny, Poland, have presented a new method of treating joints. The whole procedure takes 90 minutes, and the joint is movable right after the treatment.

Fast and effective treatment with spray cartilage

Fast and effective treatment with spray cartilage

Igor Gasperowicz bumped into a classmate during a game and broke his anterior cruciate ligament. The injury led to destruction of joint surface cartilage. Thanks to the innovative method of treatment, implemented in the Specialist Hospital in Brzeziny (Łódzkie voivodship), his knee should be as good as new within 6 months.

Laboratory inside a knee

We performed a very complex procedure where we put a tissue bank inside the knee. We created a laboratory in the knee, where the cartilage will develop – said doctor Grzegorz Sobieraj from the Department of Traumatic-Orthopaedic Surgery, who conducted the treatment.

The cavity in the knee was filled with a spray, obtained from a mixture of mother cells, received from the pacient’s body, and fibrin – protein precipitated from the plasma during the process of blood coagulation. It is a type of scaffolding, on which the cartilaginous tissue will be rebuilt.

Rehabiliatation right after the treatment

The patient will be able to begin knee rehabilitation right after the treatment. The new method makes the joint movable immediately. If we don’t count the time for the spray preparation, the whole procedure takes about 90 minutes.

The treatment is refunded only under certain conditions. Only if we perform it along with a procedure, which stands within the rules of the NFZ (National Health Fund) contract – said doctor Jarosław Buczyński, vice-president of the medical board in the Specialist Hospital in Brzeziny.

The doctors from Brzeziny would like to apply these mixtures also for other purposes, for example non-healing wounds or aesthetic surgery.

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