Intercity railways have prepared a new offer to attract passengers to their trains. After lowering the prices for express and TLK (Tanie Linie Kolejowe – Cheap Railways) trains, they have introduced the so-called multicard (multikarnet).

Cheaper tickets are to attract more passengers

Cheaper tickets are to attract more passengers

The card includes 10 rides on a selected route, but two of them are free – the passenger pays only for 8. The new offer is available from September 9th, and applies to “ordinary” (EIC) express trains, as well as the premium Pendolino (EIP).

Unfortunately, the multicard is not available on the Internet: you can only buy it over the counter. Before each journey it must be stamped by a cashier or by the train conductor. The passenger receives a free seat reservation, and the card is not registered, you can give it to a family members, a friend, or a co-worker. It is valid for three months from the issue date or the date specified by the buyer.

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PolskiBus has also prepared a new offer by introducing new prices on the Gdańsk – Warsaw route. Tickets cost 10zł (9 + 1zł per booking), provided that they will be bought at least 28 days before travel. Though the leader of the passenger transport market will not say so explicitly, it is a response to the significant increase in the number of Pendolino passengers. It only takes Pendolino three hours to get from Warsaw to Gdańsk, compared to five which you would have to spend in a PolskiBus coach.

The two companies have now another competitor – an Estonian bus line called Lux Express, who declared that they will invest 100 million złoty by 2019. Intercity and PolskiBus will probably introduce many advantageous offers to win over passengers.

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