According to the Polish transport act of law, people using public transport have a right to get reimbursement because of a bus being late or cancelled – writes “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. In practice, it’s not so easy to receive money for the alternative transport method.

girl waiting at a bus stop

How long do I need to wait before calling a taxi?

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction confirms that there is a statutory duty of financial compensation because of not carrying out public transport properly (…) under the condition that such a situation happens through fault of the transporter, not due to independent reasons.

Proving the transporter’s guilt is difficult but not impossible. According to the opinion of a lawyer from the “Dr Krystian Ziemski & Partners” law firm in Poznań, the rules of many transportation enterprises do not outline any procedure of getting reimbursement for alternative transport. According to him, not many people decide to fight in court because paying for a taxi is affordable.

In some cities, rules regulating reimbursement exist, but their usage is connected with proving that taking a taxi was necessary, otherwise the passenger would be late for work or a flight.

In Łódź, 9 people received financial compensation in 2015 (400 złoty in total), in Wrocław, out of 200 million passengers there were only a few incidents of reimbursement.
These not very impressive statistics may have some connection with the fact that not many passengers are aware of their rights – summarises “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.


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