The British Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting Warsaw today. At 9 am he is to meet with Prime Minister Beata Szydło, he is also to talk with the chairman of the Law and Justice party (PiS) Jarosław Kaczyński.

Beata Szydło will fight for Polish immigrants in the UK

Beata Szydło will fight for Polish immigrants in the UK

Beata Szydło and David Cameron will talk about the draft agreement between the UK and the EU. It includes the proposal to reduce social benefits for immigrants.

There are some suggestions in it that are not acceptable for Poland. This is the time for negotiations – said the prime minister on Thursday regarding social and labour benefits – It is clear that all the Poles who work in the UK who, after working on the building of the British GDP, should have the right to use the benefits offered by the United Kingdom on the same principles as the British.

And she added:

One thing is clear to me: that we must all make an effort so that the UK remains in the EU.

On Tuesday, European Council President Donald Tusk presented a draft agreement setting out the conditions for continued membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union. It is to be finally agreed upon at the EU Summit on February 18-19.

In the negotiations with London the most difficult were British demands for limiting access to social benefits for migrants from other EU countries. Many EU countries, including Poland, feared that these demands could lead to restrictions on freedom of movement of persons in the Union. The document presented by Tusk requires, inter alia, that the EU countries could, in exceptional circumstances, limit the provided benefits for new immigrants from other EU countries to four years.


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