As of Monday, July 25th, new provisions of the anti-terrorist law come into force, obliging each and every person who purchases a pre-paid SIM card to submit their personal information. Service providers will verify the buyer’s identity.

Service providers offer online registration

Service providers offer online registration

All subscribers will have to give their name and PESEL (personal identification number) or the series and number of their identity document (dowód osobisty), and non-EU citizens – their passport or residence card number.

When a card is purchased by a company they will have to enter their name and one of the numbers – REGON, NIP, KRS, or the number of records of economic activity.

The operator has no right to provide services until they confirm the identity of a buyer or company data in the appropriate register.

In accordance with the so-called anti-terrorism act, the time to register your previously purchased pre-paid card expires February 1st, 2017. After that date all cards which will not have been registered will be disabled. According to service providers, there might be more than 20 million cards to register.

The Polish Parliament passed the law on June 10, and the President signed it on June 22. It was announced on June 24. The Act came into force on July 2nd.


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