The latest law amendment on granting protection to foreigners in Poland introduces new procedures of processing applications, creates the Council for Foreigners and extends the competences of the head of the Office for Foreigners.

The latest amendments aim to prevent terrorism in Poland.

Due to increasing migratory movement, the amendment aims to provide protection to arriving foreigners and at the same time, ensure order and safety of Polish citizens.

The amendment creates a new procedure which will concern foreigners who apply for international protection at the border, but they do not meet the requirements of entry and residence in Poland. It concerns persons who indicate other reasons for their request than fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership to a particular social group, or risk of serious harm, or do not give any information about the circumstances related to the fear of persecution. This procedure will also concern foreigners who are suspected of providing false information, documents or when their explanations are incoherent.

We are mainly concerned about safety and securing the borders. Also, the introduction of these procedures will facilitate the deportation of those who enter our country illegally or declare intentions, such as treating our country as a transit to their actual destination which is Western Europe – says Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

Special centres for foreigners

While waiting for their application to be processed, foreigners will stay in a supervised centre or a detention centre for foreigners. The decision must be made within 28 days, otherwise the foreigner is permitted to enter the territory of Poland. The amendment allows the court to decide to extend the stay in the centre up to 60 days. These measures do not concern children without a guardian or persons whose health condition does not allow them remaining in the centre for foreigners.

We want to ensure that Poland is safe and not threatened by the influx of immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, that in Poland, honestly speaking, terrorist attacks do not occur. – adds the minister.


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