Amazon has started robotic operations in a secure area of it’s Wrocław logistics centre, with a deployment of 250 metal servants.

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In October 2014, Amazon opened three technologically advanced logistics centres in Poland, the largest entry of the American giant into a new market in its history. In less than a year the value of Amazon’s investment, equipment, facilities and Polish workers’ wages amounted to more than 1.5 billion złoty.

Today we became the first country in Europe where the company has implemented an innovative system – Amazon Robotics. 250 robots will lift and carry goods in a special secure subdivision of the warehouse, to which most employees do not have access. The company states, however, that employment numbers of human workers will not drop. In connection with the investment at the Wrocław branch, it will employ more than 170 new highly skilled workers. So far the group has created 3,800 permanent jobs in Poland.

Such a pronounced increase in employment and investment do not happen without a large number of motivated and talented Polish employees.
– Kerry Person, Executive Director of Amazon Poland.

The company will be spending more in Poland, including the professional development of employees. Over the next six months, Amazon will create 500 more jobs in logistics centres in areas such as operations, finance, engineering, IT and HR.

Amazon also wants you to know it invests in the education of employees, not necessarily directly related to the jobs performed by them. It’s possible to even get training paid by the company, if staff leave Amazon and change their career path.

Thanks to our talent .. and their willingness to use innovative solutions, Poland is ideal for deploying the latest technology.
– Person

We find it heartening that a Person made this announcement.

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