Natural hair wigs can cost up to several thousand zloty, but this time they will be for free – they are a gift for cancer survivors. The event of donating hair was organised by the students of the Cracow University of Technology.

Wearing wigs can help the cancer survivors in many ways

Wearing wigs can help the cancer survivors in many ways

An extraordinary hair salon was opened in Cracow. It functioned only for one day and served only the customers who were ready for a radical cut. One of the students donated 25 cm of hair.

It was all for a good cause. Almost 160 students decided to donate their hair to make wigs for children who had lost their hair during cancer treatment.

Female patients are very upset about losing their hair. Sometimes they even deny the treatment because of it, says Halina Walczak, a nurse at the Warsaw Oncology Centre.

Doctors at the Warsaw Oncology Centre use a special helmet which cools the patient’s scalp during cancer treatment. Patients are therefore able to keep 85% of their hair. This is a new method in Poland, used only for several years.

It raises our self-esteem and gives us strength if we are simply able to keep our hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, says Joanna Wiszniewska from Onkosalon Aura, the hair salon that makes the wigs.

Doctors add that there is nothing more helpful for the patients than a positive attitude.


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