Border guard officers from Wrocław intervened at Wrocław Airport when a 63-year-old tourist from London started behaving aggressively on Sunday. He claimed to have had explosive materials with him. The man was detained and questioned.

German shepherd with an officer of the border guard

German shepherd trained to sniff out explosives

The Wrocław border guard station was alerted by airport workers.

The aggressive man, despite the clear instruction to behave in accordance with the law, didn’t comply with the officers’ orders. Then, he was taken to the staff rooms – says Irena Skuliniec, Nadodrzański Border Guard Station spokesperson. – He was still making things difficult, he did not reveal his personal data, he also claimed to have had explosive materials.

He himself and his luggage were immediately searched. A police dog and specialist equipment were used.

It turned out that there was no bomb in his possession. The aggressive man from London was passed into the hands of the police.

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