60 million – such a gigantic sum you can win in Saturday’s Lotto draw. It is a historic cumulation in the Polish lottery.

Lotto coupon

The probability of getting the right six numbers is 1:13,983,816

Thursday’s draw where the pool was 40 million had no winners. Nobody selected the six lucky numbers (1, 18, 27, 37, 44, 47), and this means that in the next draw the prize up for grabs will amount to 60 million. It is the biggest one in the history of Lotto.

So far, the biggest win was in August last year in Ziębice. The lucky person received more than 35 million zloty. The second biggest prize went to Gdynia, where in February 2012 the win amounted to 33.7 million. The third highest winning coupon was sold in September 2012 in Bolesławiec, where the lucky person got 30.9 million zł.

What to do with all that money?

The amount of 60 million would kindle the imagination of every person. Probably everyone who has even occasionally bought Lotto coupons wondered what they would do with the money. Work or quit? A house, a car, a trip around the world? No problem. Such a win is enough to satisfy every whim.

Some say that a good car is worth every penny. However, if we assume that for Joe average a popular compact worth approx. 60K is enough, then he could buy a thousand of them.

If the winner wanted to purchase real estate, they could get about 150 three-bedroom apartments. Unless someone dreams about an apartment with a sea view. Then the cost will increase, but for a millionaire, it will still be an option within reach.

Some believe that travel is the best way to live. Several times around the world would certainly be enough for us.

It is also worth thinking about investing some of the money. There are several ways.

Financial security

The safest, but also the least favourable in terms of earnings, is a deposit. It is worth remembering that it is better not to invest all your money in one bank. Deposits are secured by the Bank Guarantee Fund, but only up to 100 thousand Euro. This means that such an amount would have to be deposited in nearly 150 bank accounts.

Other options await the more adventurous – the stock market, investing in expensive and rare items, possibly art. There is no shortage in auctions of exceptional items.


The Polish tax office will also enjoy the lottery win. For amounts exceeding 2,280 zł a 10% tax is charged. The Lotto winnings are not divided into installments. The winner receives the money in its entirety. It is their choice whether they want to take the money in cash, or if it is to be transferred to his account or even several bank accounts.


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