A 54-year-old resident of the Wieluń district (Łódzkie voivodship) has been taken to hospital in a state of intoxication. The result of his examination has surprised even the police – breathalyser showed 8.6 per mille of alcohol in the man’s blood, 43 times the legal limit to drive.

a drunk man on a bar

It must have been a great party

Last night, police officers from Wieluń got a report about an intoxicated man in the area Legionów place. There they found the 54-year-old man.

The man was sitting on stairs. He had problems with eloquence, he did not know where he was – says Junior Officer Katarzyna Grela of the police station in Wieluń.

The man was checked with a breathalyser. Without a problem he blew into the device.

To our surprise, after examining the man’s breath it turned out that he had 8.6 per mille of alcohol content – adds the policewoman.

The 54-year-old was supposed to have been taken to the precinct to sober up, but he felt so ill that he was taken to hospital instead.

Six per mille of alcohol in blood is considered a lethal dose, while the legally allowed amount to drive a vehicle is below 0.2. However, in Poland there have been cases of a much higher alcohol content, and the drunken person still was alive and kicking.

A few years ago a 45-year-old man from Makowo-Kolonia had an astounding amount of 12.3 per mille. The man survived.

Equally lucky was a 40-year-old from Nowa Dęba. The intoxicated man was transported to a hospital in Rzeszów. There, it turned out that in addition to alcohol intoxication he suffered from a brain edema.

After the alcohol test no one could believe the result. The device indicated 13.74 per mille!


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