image craft beer in WroclawAs a new resident of Wrocław, either for a short stay, or as a long term expat, after you have settled in and found the fastest way to reach the office every day, you move on to the next enquiry: what are the best places to have fun in this city?

If you are a beer lover and you are not satisfied with supermarket beer for the masses, but only dignify carefully crafted beer with this title, then we have some very good news for you. Wrocław has a solid and long tradition, both for brewing various types of beer, and for searching and importing selected beer types from all over the world.

A word of advice before anything else: Poland has not adopted the Euro currency, so all prices you will find in the city are expressed in the local currency, zloty (zł). You need to work out the exchange rate between your national currency, or the Euro currency and the zloty and learn to determine what is too expensive for your budget.

This warning being given, allow us to take you on a tour through the best beer pubs in Wrocław:

1. Zakład Usług Piwnych

Also known by its initials, ZUP, this is the place to try one of the richest selections of beers you will find in all Wrocław. The regular offer consists of 12 taps of different beers, plus a large fridge, well stocked with beer bottles imported from all over the world. If you are a fan of the Belgian trappist beer, this is the place to have your fill.

However, you should open your mind and taste buds for other beer varieties. This cool underground beer pub, with the look of a secret cellar, has everything you heard and did not hear of in terms of beer: smoked beer, beer with salt, beer with chili.

Location: 34 Ruska Street. Prices: around 10-15 zł for 0.5 l.

2. Pod Latarniami

You will find Pod Latarniami on the same street as ZUP. The atmosphere, though, is totally different. This pub and restaurant boasts a retro, early 20th century atmosphere. There are mirrors everywhere, solid wood furniture, marble decorations and a classic long bar with lanterns.

The beer selection is very good, with 8 taps of craft beer and many important brands of imported beer. If you get hungry, the menu selection is also rich and catering to many tastes.

Location: 3 Ruska Street. Prices: starting from only 6 zł for 0.5 l.

3. Bierhalle

The German expats will feel at home in this bar designed as a traditional German beer house. And this goes way beyond the décor of the Bierhalle. All the craft beer in this bar is brewed in compliance with the German rule for beer purity (Reinheitsgebot). The pretty waitresses in traditional Bavarian costumes also contribute to the popularity of this bar.

Location: 24-27 Rynek-Ratusz (near the Main Square). Prices: starting from 10 zł for a large beer.

4. Mleczarnia

If you are looking for an old school type of bar with lots of young artists around, the Mleczarnia is the place for you. The staff are helpful, speak good English and the beer selection is good if you are not the very pretentious type.

Location: 5 Pawła Włodkowica. Prices: affordable.

5. Czeski Raj

The name of this bar translates as “Czech Paradise”. We all know that the Czech Republic is famous for its beers and you will find a fine selection of them at the Czeski Raj. You will not find a lot of options for eating, but we all know that beer contains all the valuable B vitamins in it.

Location: 9 Wojciecha Bogusławskiego. Prices: affordable, starting from 5 -7 zł.

Locals recommend

We’ve subjected this article to the cold, hard scrutiny of you, the general public. There are many, many bars in Wrocław, and some kind souls have taken the time to give feedback on their favourites, so here are a few more honourable mentions.

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Filipe: Browar Stu Mostów
Lidia: Academus Pub & Apartments
Marta: Spiż
Mark: Wlodkowice 21
Amanda: Marynka, and even Bistro Narożnik

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