image Warsaw skylinePoland is a growing economy and more expats are moving to Warsaw, the capital of the country. Anyone who knows basic 20th century history is aware that Warsaw is a sort of Phoenix bird: nearly completely destroyed during World War II, the city was rebuilt and is now on the path to modernisation.

There are lots of historic and modern residential areas to choose from, but you need to be aware of three important aspects: access to means of public transport, distance to the business centre of the city (where your company is most certainly based) and the cost of housing.

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Based on these three conditions, we have prepared a list of the most desirable suburbs for expats to live in Warsaw:

1. Mokotów

Located on the west bank of Vistula River which passes through Warsaw, Mokotów is the closest residential area to the business district of the city. It has very good subway connection to the other parts of the city, but the street traffic can be very busy at rush hours.

In terms of housing, Mokotów is a blend of elegant, pre-war villas occupied by diplomats and ambassadors, and blocks of flats which are affordable for professionals working in the city. There is also a good international school in this district, which makes it the ideal choice if you have children who need to continue their education while living abroad.

Other plus points for this area are the large number of entertainment choices: theatres, the largest skate rink of Warsaw, the National Public Library, parks and many restaurants can be found in Mokotów district.

2. Śródmieście

Śródmieście is in the very heart of Warsaw and is home to the Parliament building, the President’s residence and the best know museums in Poland. It also has one of the first neighbourhoods built especially for the expats: Holland Park.

This district is more expensive than Mokotów, but it is also very close to the business centre and it is the ideal place to live in if you love the active life of a large city.

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3. Ursynów

This is a purely residential area, in the middle of nature, with lots of parks and affordable old blocks of apartments. It is very well connected to the city centre by way of the subway network and it is also the Warsaw district with the youngest average age of inhabitants.

It is a highly recommended place for singles or young families with small children. It is home to the International American School of Warsaw.

4. Praga-Południe and Praga-Północ

This district is so large, that it is divided into two suburbs: Northern Praga and Southern Praga. It is very close to the business centre (15 minutes by car or tram) and has a good French international school.

Northern Praga is teeming with young designers and artists and hosts many cultural events. Although it used to be a neglected part of the city, it is now being revived and made a pleasant place. Some scenes of the Oscar awarded movie The Pianist were filmed on Zabkowska Street in this district.

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5. Wilanów

This is the most exclusive and expensive district of Warsaw, but also the area with the highest percentage of expats. Highlights of this area are Palace Wilanow, which is called Poland’s Versailles and the quiet neighborhoods with villas, parks and public gardens.

The large Medicover hospital is located in this district, as well as the international German school. Malls and shopping centres are within 20 minutes by car, and the business centre is a 30-minute drive away.

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