Michał Górski, a 14-year-old boy, was growing his hair for the last 5 years, having only one thing in mind. After having cut it, he gave it to a foundation which makes wigs for children after chemo- and radiotherapy.

Picture of Michałs hair taken by his mother right before it was cut

Picture of Michał’s hair taken by his mother right before it was cut

Genial gesture – say little patients’ parents. On the other hand, Michał’s mother recalls moments of doubt. “Of course there were moments when he would say: I can’t do it anymore, I want to cut my hair, someone has been calling me names again.”

Despite all that, Michał managed to persevere in his resolution and during the last 5 years he grew 90 centimetres (3 feet) of hair.

The only thing I need to do is brush it and for someone else it may be something very important – says Michał. He adds that this was the best decision of his life.

Children for children

The Foundation got to know about the boy’s gesture from the internet and contacted him immediately.

We can call it a “children for children” initiative, even though adults are also our donors – explains Anna Rutkowska, the “We Girls” Friendship Foundation president.

Donated hair must be at least 25 centimetres long, it also must not be lightened or dyed.

Up to 6 months of work

The donated hair goes to a wigmaker’s shop where creating one wig requires at least 4 hair packages from the donors and up to 6 months of work.

Specialists emphasise that wigs from natural hair are very significant for the little cancer patients and very often help them to recover.

Getting your hair back, which means wearing a wig, gives them a feeling that their life becomes normal again, that they don’t look like sick people anymore – explains psychooncologist Marta Rusek.

Now Michał is growing his hair again, which may serve other little patients in future.


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