Cracow is an idyllic and historic Polish city, unlike much of the country having miraculously escaped damage through the turbulent history of wars and occupation Poland has suffered.

image outdoor bar in the Jewish area of Cracow

Outdoor venue in Cracow former Jewish district of Kazimierz

As a top tourist destination, millions of visitors flock to Cracow, 2016 being an especially busy year with more than two million extra expected in town for summer’s World Youth Day alone. What could be better for an English speaker in need of a tasty beer than a quick guide to 10 of the best pubs, as recommended by the ex-pat inhabitants of Cracow. Without further ado, here is our roundup in alphabetical order.


Craftownia-Krakow-Cracow-PolandWebsite: Craftownia on facebook
Address: ul. Świętego Wawrzyńca 22, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 7 to 30 zł
Number of beers: 18 taps, 50 bottles
Sample beers: Deer Beer, Baba Jaga, Golem, Podgórz, Artezan
Their pitch: Nice laid-back place in the old Jewish district. Its modern design encourages to visit and stay a little bit longer.

House of beer

Address: ul. Świętego Tomasza 35, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 9 to 15 zł
Number of beers: 21 draught beers and over 200 bottles
Sample beers: Owczy Pęd, Gluten Tag Free, More Love, Hadra, Gold Digga, Pacific
Their pitch: Traditional venue for draft & bottled beers from Poland, Belgium, Lithuania & German breweries. With over 200 bottles and 21 draught beers, this high-ceilinged pub full of dark wooden furnishings and large leather sofas is serious about improving the beer culture of Poland’s drinking capital. Plus, beer of the day for only 5 zloty!

Multi Qlti

Website: Multi Qlti on facebook
Address: ul. Szewska 21, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 3 to 90 zł
Number of beers: 20 taps, 100 bottles
Sample beers: Holba Serak, Lindemans Cassis, Birbant ABW, De Molen Amarillo, Podgórz, Luzy Rajtuzy
Their pitch: Multi QLTI is the latest addition to the growing number of genuine beer pubs in the centre of Kraków. Located in the immediate vicinity of Rynek Główny, the pub will offer its guests 20 taps from regional and craft breweries, both Polish and foreign.


Address: ul. Kupa 3, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 8 to 14 zł
Number of beers: 28 taps
Sample beers: Ciechan Miodowy, Jabłko w Piwie, Punk IPA, Raven, Kwak, Pierwsza Pomoc
Their pitch: For reasons that will probably never be explained, the owner went with an Italian Mafioso theme that has nothing to do with what the place does – serving the best Polish craft beers in a relaxed, friendly setting. Now double the size it was when first opened, Omerta has two bars – one dedicated to Polish beers and the second to craft beers from elsewhere in Europe, and further abroad.

Poli Pub

Poli-Pub-Cracow-Krakow-PolandWebsite: Poli Pub on facebook
Address: ul. Dietla 97, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 6 to 12 zł
Number of beers: 8 taps, 65 bottles
Sample beers: Kinky Ale, Cascade IPA, Poutnik, Sunny Ale
Their pitch: Poli Pub is a multi tap with Doctor Brew brand. It is located in the very heart of Kraków. Czech lager always for 6 zloty!

Punkt Docelowy

Punkt-Docelowy-Cracow-Krakow-PolandWebsite: Punkt Docelowy on facebook
Address: ul. Staromostowa 1, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 5 to 9zł
Number of beers: 8 taps, 10 bottles
Sample beers: Zielone, Golden Ratio, Holba Premium, Żubr Classic, New Born
Their pitch: Fantastic place, outside of Krakow touristy areas. Interesting interior, great ambience, friendly service and wide selection of all kinds of alcohol – definitely worth visiting when you’re in Kraków.

Strefa Piwa

Address: ul. Józefa 6, Kraków – view map
Online shop:
Sample prices: 6 to 25zł
Number of beers: 18 taps, 100 bottles
Sample beers: Dwa Smoki, Luzy Rajtuzy, Wyszło Kwaśne, Szczyt Sezonu, Space Sheep
Their pitch: Connoisseurs of real ales will love this place full of beers from small and medium-sized Czech breweries, but also Polish beer craft breweries. Served from 18 taps there are also Belgian and American beers. If in doubt, friendly and professional staff will help you choose the right beer. There is always a lot going on for beer fans in this pub!
Strefa Piwa has an outside seating area.

Tap House Pracownia Piwo i Przyjaciele

Address: ul. Świętego Jana 30, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 4 to 16zł
Number of beers: 20 taps, 25 bottles
Sample beers: Piwo Łowickie, Bobby, Crack Off, Hadra, Mr. Hard, Amber Boy, Smoky Joe
Their pitch: Not only the place where you can relax after a hard day, but rather like a “temple” of good beer. The place where each and every beer-lover will always find something for himself. Where he’ll be able to share his opinion with dependable crew and other beer-lovers.

T.E.A. Time

Address: ul. Dietla 1, Kraków – view map
Sample prices: 5 to 12zł
Number of beers: 6 taps, 4 bottles
Sample beers: Platinum Blonde, Point Source, Black Prince, Golden Ratio, Big Dipper
Their pitch: T.E.A. Time is the first English Real Ale Brewpub in Poland! We brew fresh traditonal ale which is served from hand pumps direct from our cask cellar. The pub has been tastefully decorated in a style that is reminiscent of English pubs, yet with it’s own unique character.

Ursa Maior

Address: Plac Wolnica 10, Kraków – view map
Online shop:
Sample prices: 8 to 12 zł
Number of beers: 6 taps, 10 bottles
Sample beers: Rzeźnik, Rejwach na Kazimierzu, Artysta, Dwa Misie, Wataha
Their pitch: Very good local beer, amazing place where you can meet up with friends and just chill. Nice staff will be pleased to help you. The interiors are really creative so you will be encouraged to come back!
Ursa Maior has an outside seating area.
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Research: Kinga Masłowska

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