Cracow is a busy destination for tourists and ex-pats alike. The food, drink and nightlife scene is never lacking in variety, with something for all tastes.

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Cracow is a top tourist destination in Poland

As tricky, ever-changing and subjective as it is, many of our readers are interested in summaries of what’s on offer, so we’ve spent a lot of time researching eateries based on feedback from Poles and tourists alike, to bring you a roundup of top Cracow restaurants, hitting on key points for a decision-on-the-go. We’ve summarised based on location, type of food, English menus, and importantly, ratings of the food. In fairness to the restaurants listed, we have presented in alphabetical order. Enjoy!


Their pitch: Bianca Pasta & Wine is a cosy restaurant near the Saint Mary’s Church. Experience traditional Italian cuisine and watch us creating a perfect dinner for you.
Address: Plac Mariacki 2, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: Italian
Opening hours: Mo-Su 11:00-23:00
Sample prices: soup of the day 15 zł, main courses 29 to 74 zł
English menu: yes
Outside seating area: yes

Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano-de-Bergerac-Cracow-Krakow-PolandTheir pitch: Cyrano de Bergerac is a unique place in Kraków where you can try amazing French dishes prepared by our experienced chefs. We also have a newly opened restaurant LeonardoRisotrante. Check it out!
Address: ul. Sławkowska 26, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: French
Specialty: lobster
Opening hours: Mo-Su 12:00-23:00
Sample prices: soups 17 to 22 zł, main courses 52 to 150 zł
English menu: yes
Outside seating area: yes

Introligatornia Smaku

Introligatornia-Smaku-Cracow-Krakow-PolandTheir pitch: The formula of „casual dining” on our menu is based on the popular dishes of European and American culinary arts foundations (without the use of semi-finished products and preservatives). Every day the chef offers seasonal specialties of intercontinental and traditional Polish cuisine.
Address: ul. Świętego Józefa 20, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: “casual dining” – European and American
Specialty: beef cheek in cognac sauce with wild mushrooms, red lentil and buckwheat
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 13:00-till the last customer, Sa-Su 12:00-till the last customer
Sample prices: soup of the day 14 zł, main courses 25 to 75 zł
English menu: yes

Old Town Restaurant Wine & Bar

Old-Town-Restaurant-Wine-Bar-Cracow-Krakow-PolandTheir pitch: We want our guests to experience pleasure not only from food but also from being in our restaurant. The dishes are made from high quality ingredients. We also put great attention to the freshness of the products we use.
Address: ul. Świętego Sebastiana 25, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: Polish menu and some international dishes
Specialty: golonka (pig’s trotter)
Opening hours: Mo-Th, Su 12:00-22:00, Fr-Sa 12:00-23:00
Sample prices: soups 12 to 14 zł, main courses 26 to 69 zł
English menu: yes

Restauracja Padre

Restauracja-Padre-Cracow-Krakow-PolandTheir pitch: Restauracja Padre is a great place to meet with your family, friends, your second half and your business partners. We will serve you a cold drink in a summer afternoon, an exquisite dinner that will give you strength to explore the city and a delicious seasonal dessert.
Address: ul. Wiślna 11, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: Italian and Mediterranean
Opening hours: Mo-Su 13:00-22:00
Sample prices: soups 13 to 18 zł, main courses 29 to 89 zł
English menu: yes
Outside seating area: yes

Sissi Organic Bistro

Their pitch: Sissi Organic Bistro brought a restaurant, a coffee house, a wine bar and a bakery under one roof. Our love to food is manifested by our attention to the origin of ingredients used in our kitchen and to their freshness.
Website: Sissi Organic Bistro on facebook
Address: ul. Krupnicza 3, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: organic
Opening hours: Mo-Th, Su 09:00-22:00, Fr-Sa 09:00-23:00
Sample prices: soups 10 to 24 zł, main courses 17 to 43 zł
Outside seating area: yes


Starka-Cracow-Krakow-PolandTheir pitch: Enjoy your dinner in our cosy rooms, with warm red walls covered by Zille paintings, surrounded by good music, fresh white lillies and intimate candlelight… There are no set tables, no white tablecloths, just simple modern Polish food, great drinks and wines, and Polish hospitality!
Address: ul. Józefa 14, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: Polish
Specialty: home-made liqueurs
Opening hours: Mo-Th, Su 12:00-23:00, Fr-Sa 12:00-23:55
Sample prices: soups 9 to 14 zł, main courses 29 to 65 zł
English menu: yes


Their pitch: Amazing restaurant in the old Jewish quater of Kraków – local products, exceptional service and live music every night. Experience genuine service and our hospitality by yourself.
Address: ul. Miodowa 33, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: Polish and Mediterranean
Opening hours: Mo-Su 10:00-23:00
Sample prices: soups 19 zł, main courses 19 to 79 zł
English menu: yes

Youmiko Sushi

Their pitch: Fresh local fish and creative vegetarian sushi that you have never seen before!
Website: Youmiko Sushi on facebook
Address: ul. Józefa 2, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: Japanese
Specialty: sushi
Opening hours: Mo-Th 13:30-21:00, Fr-Su 13:30-22:00
Sample prices: lunch 10 to 30 zł, sushi 40 to 90 zł
English menu: yes

Zielona Kuchnia

Zielona-Kuchnia-Cracow-Krakow-PolandTheir pitch: Whether you want to lose or gain weight, or just simply lead a healthy lifestyle, our restaurant is exactly what you have been looking for. We can guarantee that you won’t find tasteless diet meals here. At Zielona Kuchnia you will find only green cuisine, just as our name suggests. We serve the finest selection of vegetables, fruit, organic meat, grain products and much more.
Address: Ambrożego Grabowskiego 8/9, Kraków – view map
Type of cuisine: green menu
Specialty: chilled watermelon soup with tiger prawns
Opening hours: Mo 16:00-22:00, Tu-Sa 13:00-22:00, Su 13:00-20:00
Sample prices: soups 18 to 22 zł, main courses 29 to 70 zł
English menu: yes
Outside seating area: yes


Research: Monika Kardaś and Kinga Masłowska

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