More than one in every four Polish workers, 27%, have changed jobs in the last six months alone, the highest rate in the EU, citing better employment conditions (26%) and desire for change (27%) as the main reasons.

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In addition, 34% of the Polish polled declare they are looking for a new job. The information comes from the Randstad mobility index survey “Monitor Rynku Pracy Instytutu Badawczego”. It’s the highest score in the EU, which averages 20%.

Recruitment agency Randstad released quarterly survey results this week, having been running them since 2010, this time covering 35 countries including 15,000 people in Europe. The respondents included permanent / open-ended contractors, temporary contractors and the self-employed.
Unemployment in Poland in June was 10.4%.

34% of Poles believe that there is a medium-to-high chance of losing their jobs, 5% above the EU average. Of them,

  • 20% are self-employed (indicating fear of loss of customers),
  • 32% have open-ended/permanent contracts
  • 45% have temporary employment contracts
  • 47% have single-project contracts

Polish have a high level of belief that they would be able to find a job within 6 months. 73% believe they could find any job, 67% believing that it could be the same level as their present job. Belief levels are higher only in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

Only France and the UK have a higher European mobility index than Poland. Worldwide, the USA, India and Turkey are leaders of the mobility pack.

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