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Pope asks Polish govt to allow refugees

For a year without success Polish bishops have been asking the government for permission to set up a so-called humanitarian corridor for refugees. In the end Pope’s nuncio has become involved in the matter. The PiS government seems to be changing their minds about...

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Children escape from burning Barszczewo hotel

15 children with symptoms of smoke poisoning have been transported to hospital after smoke appeared in their rooms in a hotel in Barszczewo, Podlaskie. As reported by the local fire department, the initial reason for the fire was a leak of the chimney, where soot...

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Price of Polish apartment rentals nudges up 4%

Apartment rent prices have increased by almost 7 percent over the last four years, according to the latest analysis by Open Finance and Home Broker. New, freshly finished apartments are mostly the reason for such a raise. However, there is no lack of demand, and...

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Gdynia plans its own Central Park

It is supposed to be a haven of greenery and a favourite resting place for Gdynia citizens. President of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek has announced the creation of "Central Park". First and foremost, it should be green and functional. In the heart of the city there will...

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Polish town halls introduce mobile IDs

Initially in several cities, later in the whole country. The Ministry of Digitalisation introduces mobile identification documents. With a phone in hand you will be able to settle matters in your local town hall or municipality office. It will also be possible to...

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Poles spend May holiday weekend abroad

After Easter holidays many Poles have decided to spend their long May weekend abroad. The number of holiday bookings has increased by 80% compared with the period from the beginning of March to mid-April - according to the report by Travel Planet. Poles are most...

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Polish Ministry of Defence get cuddly

According to the Public Information Bulletin of the Ministry of National Defence, an order for 1,200 plush teddy bears has been placed. Former deputy National Defence Minister Czesław Mroczek says that it was not the contract everyone was waiting for. He also...

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UN releases holocaust documents

The United Nations Commission on War Crimes is about to declassify documents concerning the German holocaust. About 10 thousand documents exported from Eastern Europe will now see the light of day, and they will be made publicly available by the Wiener Library in...

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